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You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done, but when you call me baby I know I’m not the only one.

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Rooney Mara as the Sociopath | NY Times: Touch of Evil (x)

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Dear future child
If it’s 3am and you find yourself in a world of complete despair
Please do not turn to strangers on the internet for solace as I did
Please climb onto my bed
And I will hold you until the demons sleep
If it is Thursday morning and you are too sad to move
I won’t force you
I will buy ice cream and we will watch your favourite tv show and I will remind you of your importance
If you feel as if you have no purpose
I will remind you that you were created entirely with love and every pain you feel, I feel too
When you’re sure you can’t go on anymore
I will tell you that when I was 21 I searched for peace at the bottom of a vodka bottle chased by a bottle of pain killers
But that five years later
When you were placed in my arms in the delivery room
I realised that you were why I had been holding on
Without realising it, you saved me, do you know how amazing that is?
So if you ever feel like grabbing that vodka bottle, put it down, we will get in the car and I will drive until the sky turns magenta
I will show you how the sun rises every morning to encourage you to rise too
Sweetheart I refuse to be unaware of your sufferings
As my mother was to mine.
- Your mental health is my priority. (via be-fearless-brave-and-kind)
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Lea Michele at a salon in Los Angeles (x)

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What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

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I am not comfortable
in my own skin;
But I am trying
to be. Damn it,
I am trying to be.
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Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.

I’ll do my part to making sure this has more than enough reblogs to outweigh the angry asks.

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Should Have Asked for Directions Novel Theft and Newspaper Article Update


Hey everyone. I know a few months ago word got out that Should Have Asked for Directions had been stolen, changed, and published. I asked everyone to let me handle it and you all honored that brilliantly. I can’t thank you enough.

The past few months have been a roller coaster of events and…

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Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood on a break while filming Into The Forest in Vancouver, 27 July 2014.

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do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who think feminism means hating men.

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